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Lamfuz Madklub

19 nov


tor. 19. nov. kl. 20.30
69 kr.
We follow the corona guidelines.
Escape the crowded city and take your family, friends & colleagues to thursday’s dinner at Krudttønden.

Come chill with us.

You will be eating in a nice & cozy atmosphere inside Krudttønden.

Please make sure you have masks on while you enter, do not worry if you forget, we have one for you.

The food is inspired by Nepali cuisine, a blend of exotic spices & herbs with fresh seasonal organic vegetables, grains & beans.

The food will be served by kitchen staff.

We will be cooking different menu every week & it is child friendly.

The menu for madklub is always vegan.

For menu, prices and more information please visit www.lamfuz.dK/madklub