“Fly Me To The Moon” by Marie Jones (OBE)

A joyful and hilarious comedy where greed and conscience battle in the hearts and minds of two underpaid home-care workers.

Loretta and Francis are presented with a small way of getting ahead financially for the first time in their lives, but small lapses in honesty spiral into a nightmarish sequence of events beyond their control.

With Dawn Wall and Alex Jespersen

Director: Ian Burns


This stellar comedy is written by Marie Jones whose works have consistently been produced on Broadway, New York, London’s West End, and all over the world for the past three decades.

That Theatre Company began its journey 25 years ago with “A Night in November” by Marie Jones, so doing another one of her plays has a lovely full circle feel to it. This will be the 51st production.


Statistics show that 68% of theatre audiences are female, but the really brutal thing about theatre is that while it attracts more women than men, the overwhelming majority of plays are written by men, for men, about men.

However, this production is a play for women, written by Marie Jones, one of Britain’s and Ireland’s most successful modern day female playwrights. If you’re looking for a fantastic night out, this or you! So what are you waiting for?



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